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Addendum Review Only
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Overview

How do we handle a possible added addendum after purchase?

This is if you want us to review it only and inform you of what it is but you want to do the changes yourself. Sometimes builders change things on the plans and GC send out the addendum or change order request to the bidder. Buy bids always make sure everything is reviewed on there projects before listing them for sale. However in some cases there are changes before a project begins or during the actual project.

This is for projects on Buy Bids Only. Once you send your bid to the General Contractor he will have your email and will inform you of any addendums as they come up. However, you should in your email when you send for bid request that any addendums that come up in future should be sent to your company email address. At which point you may review it yourself and make your own changes or for a fee we will review it and make the changes for you. It is common practice to recieve any changes from the General Contractor after bid so dont worry. 

Addendum Fee Schedule:(For Any Addendums Issued after purchase)

1)(RFR)Request for Review Only: $25 (We will review addendum(s)and provide a summary overview for you only)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review