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About Us: Unveiling Buy Bids


At Buy Bids, we're reshaping the construction bidding landscape by offering this revolutionizing service for contractors, making it easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Our platform is the result of relentless dedication to simplifying and speeding up the bidding process for construction professionals by offering pre-estimated quantity takeoff(s) construction projects for bid. We do the hard work of qualifying construction projects, surveying plans, performing quantity takeoffs, providing notes & summaries, production rates and listing them so contractors have everything they need. We made it so easy to bid construction projects that the only work a contractor has to do is add their cost to the line items, submit bid and wait for an award. We did the hours of hard work for you so you can bid any construction project in as little as 15 Minutes. 


Our Vision


Our vision is straightforward - to empower construction professionals with the tools and resources they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. We believe that every project should begin with clarity, accessibility, and fairness.



Advantages of Buy Bids




  1. Seamless


The ease of use and smooth integration of Buy Bid estimating packages. "Seamless" suggests Buy Bid solution is user-friendly, eliminates unnecessary complexities, and ensures a hassle-free experience for users.



Construction Estimating


  1. Construction Estimating


Buy Bid packages are focused specifically on construction estimating. This helps potential users quickly understand the core functionality of Our product.



Plug and Play


  1. Plug and Play


Our "plug and play" aspect shows our package is ready to use without extensive setup or configuration. This feature is attractive to busy construction professionals who want a quick and efficient solution.





  1. Innovation


Our editable spreadsheets, plan markups, project summaries, pre-estimated quantity takeoffs are available in minutes upon purchase and customer service showcase innovative features and technology that make construction estimating more accurate, efficient, and enjoyable.




  1. Efficiency


Instead of spending hours trying to get out one decent (RFP) estimate contractors will be able to get as many as 3 to 5 (RFP)bid per hour. The go-to consistent accurate streamlined estimating process, saving users time and effort. Efficiency is a key selling point in the construction industry.





  1. Reliability


The reliability of Buy Bid estimates, emphasizes that they are backed by robust data sources and methodologies.





  1. Time-Saving


Valuable time Saver in the estimation process, enabling contractors to focus on other critical aspects of their projects.



Money Saver: Hands down!


Unparalleled Efficiency


Say goodbye to the days of sifting through endless paperwork and navigating complicated websites to find your next project. With Buy Bids, you'll experience a streamlined and efficient process, allowing you to spend more time where it matters most - on your projects.



Access to a Wealth of Opportunities


We offer a vast database of pre-estimated construction projects, providing you with a comprehensive list of opportunities in your area and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned contractor or just starting out, you'll find projects that match your expertise and capacity.



Transparency and Fairness


At Buy Bids, we prioritize transparency and fairness in the bidding process. Our platform provides detailed project information summaries in our listings, so you can make informed decisions. We believe that a level playing field benefits both buyers and sellers, ensuring fair competition and better results.



Cost Savings


Save time and money on searching for projects and preparing bids. Our platform streamlines the process, helping you allocate resources more efficiently and reduce overhead costs. Your Project Manager can spend more time on the job and browsing through our selections as they grow. We do our best to weed out budget bids, phishing attempts and just plain bad bid sets. Listing only projects that are up for bid!



Stay Informed


Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, regulations, and market insights. We provide valuable resources and information to keep you informed and competitive in the ever-changing construction industry. You will feel like you did the quantity takeoff yourself.


Support and Community


Buy Bids is more than just a platform; we have customer service professionals who care, who you can understand and who make themselves available.





Because we are producing a cookie cutter model which will allow us to get better and better over time, we are able to emphasize accuracy and precision in estimating construction costs. You will experience consistency and familiarity unparallel to any other construction estimating or pre-construction platform. This reflects the commitment to providing reliable and data-driven estimates to ensure construction projects stay within budget. Providing the same spreadsheet, using the same software for all pre-estimated listings allows us to provide a streamlined familiar brand and process no matter where you are in the world.



Join Us Today


Buy Bids is your partner in success. Whether you're a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, we're here to simplify your journey in the world of construction bidding. Join us today and experience the advantages of our platform for yourself. Together, we're building a brighter future for construction professionals everywhere.



I owned a high end residential and commercial painting and renovation construction company. I also dealt with the stress of other business owners as an employee in the construction industry. And you can be sure its stress about time & money. Directly connected in many ways to the current construction bidding process.


I used the pre-construction platforms. I spent all the money you have to spend to get the leads. I couldn't afford an estimator, so I did it myself a majority of the time. All the costs combined for pre-construction subscriptions, leads, and the time I spent on doing estimates made me feel like it just was not worth it. My employees made more than I did many times. And other times I felt like I was stuck in a tornado of craziness just to help others pay their bills by keeping them busy. While I was struggling!


And so, when I started estimating about 12 years ago and now full-time for many companies as a freelancer. A light bulb came on in my head. What if we did the quantity takeoff and estimating beforehand and sold this service much like an ecommerce product. We do the quantity takeoff and estimate for you beforehand. Provide all the documents and information. List it for sale. And all the contractor has to do is survey the documents add their prices for materials and labor to the spreadsheet and submit the bid!


The construction industry is a cornerstone of modern society, shaping our cities, infrastructure, and living spaces. Behind every towering skyscraper, bustling highway, and cozy home lies a complex web of planning, designing, and building. Central to this process is the construction bidding process, a crucial step that determines which contractors will bring these visions to life. However, as technology and best practices continue to evolve, it becomes evident that the current construction bidding process is in dire need of an update.


Before delving into its shortcomings, it's important to understand the basics of the construction bidding process. At its core, bidding is the mechanism through which contractors submit proposals to clients for the execution of a construction project. Clients provide project specifications usually through blueprints and project summaries, and contractors respond with estimates detailing the cost, timeline, and other relevant factors for completing the project. This process is typically initiated through a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a similar document.


Contractors have to spend an average of $3,000 dollars per subscription for pre-construction website lead providers annually in commercial trades and $100 on average per lead just to get in the door for residential trades. And it's worse than that, if you want to expand your area of influence. The average contractor utilizes as many as 3 of these platforms to get enough projects for bid to keep business flowing. They also utilize a construction estimating software that costs another $3000 plus annually on average. 


This is just to get started in the construction industry for construction outfits. Smaller outfits can't even afford this type of exposure to grow. It is a very costly business and most small to medium size businesses find that these costs combined with the hours they have to put into and pay for performing a quantity takeoff and estimate, that they are just breaking even most times or losing a bit of money every year. This has led many great experienced professional contractors to have no choice but close their doors. And for some the outcome has been worse than that. Buy Bids seeks to help the smaller business owner get on their feet.


So, after all this cost. Contractors have to put hours into performing the estimate themselves in their free time because they cannot afford to pay an estimator in-house to do it for them.  It takes an average of 4 hours just to do an estimate on one skill set on a smaller and less complex project. We do the grueling work for you and make our money back by reaching multiple contractors with one listing rather than reaching one contractor with one grueling takeoff. This allows us to sell at an irresistible price point. 


I am trying to solve a problem no one else I know of has attempted to solve. The most frustrating part. The outdated, time-consuming, money pit in the current construction estimating process. We want to offer an alternative that will save money and time. This alternative will give smaller to medium size companies a leg up and an ability to compete and streamline their construction bidding processes. For larger companies it would serve as a great alternative when there in-house is busy and behind on estimates. 


Commercial, Industrial and residential trades can all become fierce, competitive companies with this streamlined alternative. On average most companies are lucky to get out one decent construction estimate to bid per day with a team. With our streamlined solution a contractor could get out a great estimate to bid almost every 15 minutes once the client gets familiar with the process.


The ability to get this many estimates out to bid with our alternative streamlined process, we call Buy Bids, would provide a consistent flow of winning bids for a fraction of the price. Smaller to medium sized businesses wouldn't have to put all their cash flow into pre-construction subscriptions and software's. And this would help them become the contractors they dream to be in the industry.


Our streamlined plug and play construction estimating packages are sold with fixed price listing which gives it a streamlined easy ecommerce feel which aligns with efficiency, simplicity, accuracy, savings and convenience.