Bid Proposal

Bid Proposal

Bid Proposals are an extra for those who need a professional looking template with their business logo attached. For Only $25!


How it works:



 Here's how the process works once you've made a purchase for a pre-estimated construction project through Buy Bids:

  1. Thorough Project Evaluation: Start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the pre-estimated project you've purchased. To create your Bid Proposal, we require the reference number of the purchased pre-estimated project order# or (Ref#) and first and last name on the purchase receipt. This reference number corresponds to the order you completed during the checkout process for the construction project.

  2. Provide Your Logo: Next, share your company logo with us. It should ideally be 600px X 600px in size, but if it's not, don't worry; we can resize it for you. Below, you'll find an example of how your resized logo may appear.

  3. Essential Information: Take a look at the example below to ensure you've gathered all the necessary details for your Bid Proposal:

    • Job Name
    • Prepared By
    • Prepared For
    • Bid Date
    • Bid Set Date
    • Project Location
    • Addenda Information
    • Clarifications
    • Inclusions
    • Exclusions
    • Any Alternates Listed
    • Any additional information you wish to include in your Bid Proposal.
  4. Compose Your Detailed Proposal: Using the reference provided as a guideline, write a comprehensive and detailed proposal for the project. This proposal should encompass all relevant information and specifications.

  5. Submission: Once you have gathered and compiled all the required information and materials, please send your bid proposal information to us via email. You can submit your request to [].

We're here to make the process smooth and efficient for you, ensuring that your Bid Proposal is comprehensive and tailored to your needs. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you succeed in your construction endeavors.




Important: When you buy any of our pre-estimated construction projects for bid, you'll get all the necessary details, clarifications, inclusions, alternates and exclusions.

Once you download the construction documents, you'll find bid proposal information in a Word document.


You can easily add this to your own bid proposal template.


If you don't have your own template or want us to provide one with your logo, we can do it for a $25 Fee.


You just need to customize the Word document as you like. Then, purchase the bid proposal from this listing.


Finally, send us the customized information and your logo.



We will then add the logo and customized information to our template as seen below and send it to you.


The whole process takes less than 15 minutes once you complete the purchase and provide the needed details.


Purchases made before 8am EST will be processed when we open, and purchases made after 8pm EST for Bid Proposals will be processed 8am EST the following business day.

We are closed on Sundays. Only essential workers are in office on Sundays for tech needs and issues if they arise.


Below is a general example of what your purchased Bid Proposal may will look like. 
















By Entering the Buy Bids Platform or purchasing construction services from Tool Tackle LLC, hereinafter referred to as DBA "Buy Bids" you acknowledge and agree to the following:






  1. Responsibility: The legal weight and responsibility for the construction services purchased from Buy Bids shall lie solely with the purchaser or the business acquiring these services.

  2. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tool Tackle LLC, Buy Bids, Pinch Estimating its owners, affiliates, associates, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, and agents from any claims, liabilities, losses, or damages arising out of the purchase and use of the construction services.

  3. No Warranty: Buy Bids provides construction services "as is" without any warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied. Tool Tackle LLC makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or suitability of the services for your specific needs.

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  5. Independent Evaluation: You are encouraged to independently evaluate the construction services and seek legal or professional advice as needed before making any purchase.




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By proceeding with the Entering of Buy Bids platform or purchase of construction services from Buy Bids, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in this disclaimer.




Furthermore, Buy Bid projects have been pre-estimated by experienced professionals in the trades. It is the responsibility of the subcontractor/contractor bidding these projects to download the information and survey the information in the project documents thoroughly for bid requirements, Integrity, accuracy and expertise needed to perform project scope(s). Do not purchase any pre-estimated Buy Bids services unless you have solid professional experience in the trade(s)and or skill set(s) you are bidding of no less than 7 years. Do not purchase any pre-estimated Buy Bids services unless you have had an uninterrupted Valid consecutive 7 Years experience as a licensed contractor in the commercial, Residential or Industrial trades in which you intend to bid using our pre-estimated Buy Bid services. If you do not have at least 7 years and 1 day of experience in the commercial, residential or industrial trades you intend to bid on you are prohibited from purchasing projects for bidding purposes. If you are not a licensed contractor, you are also prohibited from purchasing construction project(s) for bidding purposes. If awarded or not awarded a project the outcome of all bid projects is the responsibility of the person or business entity submitting bid(s). All contractors must have experience with spreadsheets, plan markups, construction project summaries, contract reading, contract negotiations, billing Types (AIA), insurance requirements, Bonds, Shop Talk, Blueprint Reading, and the current construction bidding processes and so on.